Car Rental Terms & Conditions

DRIVER’S AGE: For motorbikes the minimum age of 22 years and 2 years license. For ATVs and cars and for A-B-C-D categories, the minimum age is 23 years and 3 years license, for all other categories is 25 years and 5 years license

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or cash. Booking Holding Company ltd and Holiday House offers are valid for prepaid reservations.

DRIVING LICENSE: The driver must hold a license for at least two years. His driving license must be Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries). For more information on the accepted driving license by country, click here*.

You need the following licenses for these vehicles:
A1: Scooter 125 cc – 249 cc
B: Car

WARRANTY: For rentals in Greece, a guarantee will be paid upon receipt of the car, which will be refunded immediately upon the expiry of the rental, if no further charges are due. The guarantee amount, if booked through Pantheo Travel ltd and Holiday House, is € 200.00

Fines and Violations: All fines and administrative penalties arising out of the driver’s fault are fully payable by the lessee.

SAFETY: All European Cars & Moto-authorized car drivers are exempt from damage to the rental car by fire, and are insured with third party liability insurance for death, personal injury and property damage. Both covers are subject to the general terms of European Cars & Moto’s contract with its Insurance Company.

DISCLAIMER (CDW – FDW): The renter’s liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be limited by choosing the following additional coverages:


C.D.W. Deductible  750
    1 X 6 DAILY
C.D.W.  Deductible 350
    1 X 9 DAILY


F.D.W. Deductible €100
    1 X €12 DAILY


C.D.W. Deductible  750
    1 X €9 DAILY
C.D.W.  Deductible 350
    1 X €2 DAILY


F.D.W. Deductible €100
    1 X €15 DAILY

All insurance coverage does NOT include:
1. Lost or damaged keys
2. Damage to the underside of the car
3. Damage to tires caused by a dirt or stony road, or nail
4. Violations of the Code of Conduct
5. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
6. Participation in car races
7. Submersion into the sea
8. Damages from a pet
9. Stolen items left in plain view

Also for road assistance:
Road insurance does not cover you if you drive to remote beaches and by dirt road, where the roadside assistance vehicle does not have access, if you get stuck in the sand, or if the vehicle overturns and you will need a crane that costs the renter.

Theft Coverage (TP): Theft coverage is a service provided by the tenant.

SECOND Driver: The second driver participation is offered free of charge to customers booked through Pantheo Travel ltd and Holiday House.

DELIVERY – RECEIPT: Delivery – Receipt is offered free of charge to customers booked through Pantheo Travel ltd and Holiday House.

CHILDREN SEAT: The Baby Seat is offered free of charge to customers booked through Pantheo Travel ltd and Holiday House.

PETROLEUM POLICY: After checking the vehicle, the renter delivers the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as received.

TAXES: All taxes are included in the rental price.