Scuba Diving

Discover the wonderful seabed with underwater exploration in Skiathos island.
Most Skiathos diving centers are found on the southern side of the island, particularly in tourist beaches like Tzaneria, Koukounaries, Vromolimnos, and Vassilias. These centers offer courses for all ages, rent the necessary equipment and organize diving trips to interesting reefs and close uninhabited islands. Upon proper guidance, Skiathos diving can also be practiced at night.


You can fly up to 300 feet ( 100 meters ).The view up there is unique. You will be able to see Tzaneria beach ,Ahladies beach, Vassilias beach ,Skiathos town and Megali ammos beach.

It’s an adventure and you can always share this moment with a friend.

You can also use you camera and take beautiful photos.

Jet Ski

With lots of organized beaches, especially on the southern side, there are many watersports centers in Skiathos island. These Skiathos watersports centers offer many fun games for an enjoyable day at the beach. Have an adrenaline rush during your holidays with games like jet ski, bananas, turbo rides, canoe kayak and more. These Skiathos watersports are found in popular beaches, such as Koukounaries, Vassilias, Megali Ammos and Vromolimnos.

Boat Trips

One of the most interesting excursions  is around the island by boat. That’s because many of 66 beaches cannot be accessed by car. That’s why we suggest you this day trip sailing around the island to swim and photograph whatever we can’t from the mainland.


Skiathos differs from other islands by better-organized infrastructure for hiking: it has 25 marked routes of 197 km. length, and different levels of complexity (from the initial 1-2 hours to sufficiently complex, for a full day). Routes are full of spectacular panoramic views, beautiful places to stop and have a picnic, lost monasteries & chapels, and half-wild beaches. You will be truly amazed by the pure beauty of Skiathos: the hills, endless green forests, mountain trails, springs & rivers — all this will reveal another side of the island to you.


The sea, the sun and the wind have always been the best remedies for all the diseases, broken hearts and loneliness. If you have never experienced the healing power of a day spent at the sea and on the sailing ships, do it as soon as possible. You are missing out big time! Breathing in the sea air and the wind, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and listening to the waves crashing the rocks are truly unique experiences.